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Giving Big, even on a Budget

by Sheridan Conisbee

 An idea for people devoted to helping animals

 Pay for a SpayEver wondered whether giving just a few euros to a charity makes much of a difference to the animals you want to help?  Or have you sometimes thought about giving but not carried through because the amount you can offer hardly seems worth the effort, especially if donating on-line with its time-consuming credit details to complete.  The truth is that every penny does count for the animals, and it´s always worth the effort, but there´s an easy way to turn shallow pockets into much deeper ones just by clubbing together with good friends and setting up a Donor Club.

By pooling resources with a few friends, each donating a fixed amount every month, your contribution will multiply and be far more effective for the animals you wish to support.  Every amount, big or small, is appreciated by charities, but the reality is that larger donations provide far more comfort for the people behind the charity, allowing them to plan forward, perhaps order a piece of vital equipment they need, or build another holding bay so that more dogs or cats can be rescued.  Clubbing together really is very effective.   It doesn´t matter whether you give 2 Euros or 20 or 200 each month – just decide on a minimum amount that you can all afford.  If, for example, 15 friends club together and each gave 10 euros a month, that´s a donation of 150 euros for a deserving cause.  That sum of money can go a very long way in helping animals to receive the preventative or curative treatments they need, or to help small organizations expand their programmes.   Then, by just inviting a few more friends to your club, you can watch the donation amount grow even more!

I´m in a donor club and through these friends I´m exposed to a variety of great rescue organizations and individuals that I may otherwise never have heard of.  Another bonus is that it keeps me in regular contact with my chums around the globe who are in the same club, but above all else I just love the way my small donations multiply allowing a greater number of animals to be rescued than would have been possible on my own. It´s very rewarding and great fun.

Our group is informal but we do have a member´s Facebook page for photos and updates on the causes we support along with a few guidelines which we all agreed on upfront, e.g. the number of members to keep it manageable, who will be “Admin”, payment options (PayPal is great), the type of beneficiaries, minimum donation, etc.  We take it in turns each month to nominate a cause so each one of us gets to support our favourite charity with a healthy, maybe life-changing donation.

Animal rescuers have to face misery and huge bills so by giving, and giving as “big” as possible, we can help them to continue rescuing, to expand even, and maybe to feel less alone in their labours.

It´s very easy but if you want further advice in setting up a donor club, just email me: To find a list of rescue organizations to support through your new donor club, visit