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Every week we aim to re home an animal currently being cared for by an animal refuge on the island. The project is supported by professional photographers from around the island, the PR firm Phoenix Media, and The Majorca Daily Bulletin.

Month: July, 2014

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10503391_10152233130348507_940199882_oI was hoping that this week’s Pet Project would be a story of cat adoption triumph. Last week these two little guys, who my family have raised by hand from birth, were due to be adopted permanently by another family in Majorca. At the very last minute they dropped out. This means that these two loving, friendly, hilarious balls of fun and fur are in desperate need of a new home. They are almost three months old. They could be apartment cats as they have yet to go outside, and they are litter tray trained. They love to play, and they love each other very much. This is why they should not be separated and they are up for adoption as a pair. They are available for adoption through Cat and Kitten Rescue Mallorca run by Elaine Gill and Nicky Morgan. A big part of the adoption is the undertaking that the adoptees will commit to having the cats castrated when the time comes, and this means that their operations are paid for up front and in advance: the adoptee then receives vouchers which can be redeemed with one of the vets who is participating in the scheme and the animals are castrated. The cost per cat is 55€, plus if possible a donation to the organisation which covers other vet bills, food, kitten milk etc which then enables them to continue to save more little furry lives. And, do you remember the kittens that were found abandoned in a bin? They are now ready for adoption as well. If you can help and seriously want to have some beautiful cats in your life then get in touch with Nicky on 699 532 267. You can also find the organisation on Facebook Cat-and-Kitten-Rescue-Mallorca.10477726_10152233198358507_451343722_o

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Every week Pet Project aims to help to rehome an animal or to help and support a refuge or animal shelter here on the island. Pet Project is run by the PR firm Phoenix Media and is supported by the Majorca Daily Bulletin and some of the island’s best professional and amateur photographers. For more information or to get involved visit or like Pet Project on Facebook.

Let’s hit the beach!

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A big Pet Project “WELL DONE” to Christina Kastin who reports this week on her mission to convert Mallorca (and the whole Balearic Islands) to “pet friendly” islands. Christina has been persuading the local councils to permit us to take our dogs to the beach and on the bus!

Update on coastal areas for dogs to access:

Playa Cala Blava Andratx PICTURE CREDIT CHRISTINA KASTINNew in Andratx: you can access the entire beach -coastal- area with your dog during the off season, November to March (both included), they can be off leash but the dog owner always needs to be in control of its dog and show respect to other people, with or without a dog.  The municipality has now, in June, also set up an area for dogs accessing an area all year around, called “Playa Cala Blanca” (in Camp de Mar), as you can see on the sign.

Artá: you can access the entire beach -coastal- area with your dog during the off season, October to April (both included); for the moment they are not allowed off leash (because the town hall found a fault in their regulations about it, but they are working on changing that so they can be off). The municipality are also working on allowing a beach area, (one or two) to access the sea, during the summer months, so it would be an all year access for dogs, but it is not yet ready. However areas that are not classified as official beach areas are allowed for dogs to be on, also during the summer period.

in the seaPalma: they have set up an area for owners and their dogs, to access the sea, which is called “Es Carnatge”; you are allowed to access it during the whole year. This is the only place that dogs are allowed to access the sea in Palma.

2013 Pollen+ºa Beach PICTURE CREDIT CHRISTINA KASTIN2Pollença: they have set up a place not far from the Port of Pollença, the area is known as the “Llenaire” beach permitting dogs on the special section of it, see the sign. It is open all year around and the dogs are allowed off their leads.  They are also due to update the regulations and include (at the moment it only says dogs can’t be on the beach during the summer months, which in principal gives them the right to be there the rest of the months of the year) that dogs are permitted on all the coastal areas during their off season months.

Coming soon! Santa Margalida (Can Picafort) and others are in process of changing and the one in Santa Margalida should announce any time soon their beach area for dogs to be allowed, all year round. And after the summer they will also change the rules for the winter time, they will set up the same rules as other municipalities have done; that dogs are allowed access to all the beaches-coastal areas during the off season.

Transport: The transport company in Palma, EMT; set up one bus line last Autumn, number 30 (which takes you to the “beach” area Es Carnatge” that is set up for the dog owners in Palma) for dog owners and their pets to travel on and now in June it is all moving forward and two more lines have been set up (from 14 June 2014), number 2 and 20. It costs 0.30 cents (Euro) per dog per route and the dogs must have a muzzle on and be on the lead and be able to show the pet’s passport detailing vaccinations. Dogs classified as “dangerous” are not allowed to travel on the bus.

For more information contact Christina via her website

Photographs: Christina Kastin

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This week’s Pet Project we have guest writer, Sheridan making a very interesting suggestion for us all.  If you have something you want to say or contribute then email

Giving Big, even on a Budget

by Sheridan Conisbee

 An idea for people devoted to helping animals

 Pay for a SpayEver wondered whether giving just a few euros to a charity makes much of a difference to the animals you want to help?  Or have you sometimes thought about giving but not carried through because the amount you can offer hardly seems worth the effort, especially if donating on-line with its time-consuming credit details to complete.  The truth is that every penny does count for the animals, and it´s always worth the effort, but there´s an easy way to turn shallow pockets into much deeper ones just by clubbing together with good friends and setting up a Donor Club.

By pooling resources with a few friends, each donating a fixed amount every month, your contribution will multiply and be far more effective for the animals you wish to support.  Every amount, big or small, is appreciated by charities, but the reality is that larger donations provide far more comfort for the people behind the charity, allowing them to plan forward, perhaps order a piece of vital equipment they need, or build another holding bay so that more dogs or cats can be rescued.  Clubbing together really is very effective.   It doesn´t matter whether you give 2 Euros or 20 or 200 each month – just decide on a minimum amount that you can all afford.  If, for example, 15 friends club together and each gave 10 euros a month, that´s a donation of 150 euros for a deserving cause.  That sum of money can go a very long way in helping animals to receive the preventative or curative treatments they need, or to help small organizations expand their programmes.   Then, by just inviting a few more friends to your club, you can watch the donation amount grow even more!

I´m in a donor club and through these friends I´m exposed to a variety of great rescue organizations and individuals that I may otherwise never have heard of.  Another bonus is that it keeps me in regular contact with my chums around the globe who are in the same club, but above all else I just love the way my small donations multiply allowing a greater number of animals to be rescued than would have been possible on my own. It´s very rewarding and great fun.

Our group is informal but we do have a member´s Facebook page for photos and updates on the causes we support along with a few guidelines which we all agreed on upfront, e.g. the number of members to keep it manageable, who will be “Admin”, payment options (PayPal is great), the type of beneficiaries, minimum donation, etc.  We take it in turns each month to nominate a cause so each one of us gets to support our favourite charity with a healthy, maybe life-changing donation.

Animal rescuers have to face misery and huge bills so by giving, and giving as “big” as possible, we can help them to continue rescuing, to expand even, and maybe to feel less alone in their labours.

It´s very easy but if you want further advice in setting up a donor club, just email me: To find a list of rescue organizations to support through your new donor club, visit