Feeling Spicy – Stars for Angels

by petprojectmallorca

Feeling spicy?



This lovely girl is called Canela. Canela is a wonderful example of the ideal family dog, she is patient, quiet, kind and very good natured. She was rescued from Son Reus by the team at Dogs For U. She had been in the kennels for a few weeks with no interest in her, possibly because she is not the best looking or youngest of dogs. With nothing on the horizon for her the Dogs For U team decided to take her in and try to find her a good home themselves. Not very much is known about her except that she is five years old but looks older because of her prematurely grey hair on her face. Kim at DFU thinks she must have been a family pet and been dumped at the pound because she does not like staying in a kennel and prefers to be inside with the family. When they first took her in she was very thin and had an ear infection. She will soon be speyed in preparation for adoption and then will be ready to go to a new home. If you are interested to meet Canela then please get in touch with Kim at Dogs For U.

By the way:  Dogs For U in Inca  are appealing for volunteers. They have twenty dogs at their centre at the moment and there is only  Cornelia there to take care of them. She really needs some extra people to help out on a regular basis. If you commit yourself to a regular slot then you will be welcomed with open arms! They are looking for people who can clean, feed, brush and walk the dogs. Any day of the week is possible, as long as you can make a steady commitment. You can get in touch with them on www.dogsforu.org or call 637 242 228 or email cascavalls@yahoo.de

Stars for Angels

The good people at Arc Mallorca have started a scheme for people this Christmas to honour their pets who mean so much to them.

Christmas is a wonderful time when we celebrate everyone who is dear to us, including the pets who have touched our lives in happy and positive ways.  It´s a time to express how much they mean to us and, through Arc Mallorca’s special Stars for Angels programme, there is now a chance to pay tribute to our pets whilst at the same time helping other less-privileged animals.

For the first time at Arc Mallorca, they will decorate an on-line Christmas Tree with virtual stars to honour pet angels, past and present.  By donating just 3 euros, you can join in and place your pet´s name on one of these stars to shine brightly this festive season for everyone to see.  You can even add a few words about your pet and why they are, and will always be, so very special to you.

All money raised will go towards the upkeep, food, preventative medications and vital veterinary treatments for the rescued animals in our care – like these wonderful puppies pictured here- who rely on people like YOU for help.





Arc Mallorca works hard to create a better future for abandoned and unwanted cats and dogs in Mallorca.  With your ongoing support, they are committed to providing the best care possible and expanding their sanctuary over the months ahead to help as many animals as possible, especially the old and the sick that, through no fault of their own, may be less adoptable and require longer term care.  By celebrating your pet´s life and naming a star today, you will be supporting this important work. You can find out more and make your donation here: http://www.arc-mallorca.org

Christmas fundraisers

Dogs For U are also having an event on December 7th in Inca so you can go past and introduce yourselves to them and check out if you can be a volunteer, or just turn up and spend some money! Again, the money goes to helping the animals, especially at this time of year when the refuges tend to get fuller and fuller. Contact details are above.

Nicky Morgan, Elaine Gill and Renee Nils will be out in force at the Calvia Christmas Fair on December 8th. Make sure you go past their stall which is selling all sorts of gifts from handmade cards to brand new hip flasks and purses. All of the profits are going to their group which rescues animals in need and hand rears many kittens every year.

Feeling frio?

You may not have noticed, but it has got very cold recently (!). And if it is feeling quite chilly in your house, imagine how cold it is at some of the animal refuges and pounds around the island. If you can open your doors and foster an animal over the winter period then please get in touch with your local centre and ask them which animals need help. Alternatively if you can’t offer a warm place inside your home, then if you have some blankets or duvets you can donate then please do. You can see a full list of the refuges at www.petprojectmallorca.com

About Pet Project

Every week Pet Project aims to help to help an animal rescue organisation in Majorca to raise awareness and funds, or to help rehome or foster out an animal. Pet Project is a collaboration between the Majorca Daily Bulletin, the PR firm Phoenix Media, the animal refuges, and some of the island’s best professional and amateur photographers. If you can help then get in touch at phoenixmediamallorca@gmail.com