Animal Refuge Updates

by petprojectmallorca

Volunteers needed!

All hands on deck! Dogs For U in Inca really need some extra pairs of hands. They have twenty dogs at their centre at the moment and there is only  Cornelia there to take care of them. She really needs some extra people to help out on a regular basis. If you commit yourself to a regular slot then you will be welcomed with open arms! They are looking for people who can clean, feed, brush and walk the dogs. Any day of the week is possible, as long as you can make a steady commitment. You can get in touch with them on  or call 637 242 228 or email

Christmas fundraisers

This weekend on Sunday December 1st make sure you pass by the Country Club in Santa Ponca. They will be holding their Christmas fair on this day, with proceeds from the day going to SOS Animals Calvia. The fair starts at 10am and goes on all day. There will be plenty of fun things to do with the kids as well.

Dogs For U are also having an event on December 7th in Inca so you can go past and introduce yourselves to them and check out if you can be a volunteer, or just turn up and spend some money! Again, the money goes to helping the animals, especially at this time of year when the refuges tend to get fuller and fuller. Contact details are above.

Nicky Morgan, Elaine Gill and Renee Nils will be out in force at the Calvia Christmas Fair on December 8th. Make sure you go past their stall which is selling all sorts of gifts from handmade cards to brand new hip flasks and purses. All of the profits are going to their group which rescues animals in need and hand rears many kittens every year.

Vet scheme

Nuria with BillyDon’t forget to castrate or spay your animals! The good people at Clinica Veterinaria Peguera have made it very easy for animal rescuers to act responsibly. With a scheme which they have adopted called Lyoness it is possible to donate money towards the cost of spaying feral and abandoned animals and therefore give them happier, healthier lives without the pain and suffering that comes with having extra puppies or kittens. Get in touch with Nuria Rosa, pictured, to find out more about their scheme.

Teaching responsibility

Baldea education 1Baldea believes that prevention of cruelty and kindness to animals can best be achieved through education, helping to promote a Baldea education 3sense of responsibility towards all living things. already has a volunteer-run AWE project which, with the help of teachers in primary and high schools, offers specific programmes in the languages required in Mallorca´s schools, including English. They provide the course work relevant to everyday life and all the materials for 3 age groups: Up to 6 years

Interactive and fun; they use soft toys and other props such as vet costumes and toy stethoscopes to role play. From 6-12 years: introducing the practicalities of pet guardianship such as the expense involved in keeping a pet.  They watch videos, discuss individual cats or dogs in real shelters such as the one in Esporles and get a chance to express themselves and their feelings towards animals. From 13 + years: the reasons why animals land up in shelters, along with more in depth discussions on animals´ needs and sentience, and pet care generally. These volunteer programmes are an extra school activity conducted within school hours.  Any school wishing to be included or any teacher wishing to volunteer, should ring Baldea´s president, Ana Aranda, 678 442 517.


Feeling frio?

You may not have noticed, but it has got very cold recently (!). And if it is feeling quite chilly in your house, imagine how cold it is at some of the animal refuges and pounds around the island. If you can open your doors and foster an animal over the winter period then please get in touch with your local centre and ask them which animals need help. Alternatively if you can’t offer a warm place inside your home, then if you have some blankets or duvets you can donate then please do. You can see a full list of the refuges at


About Pet Project

Every week Pet Project aims to help to help an animal rescue organisation in Majorca to raise awareness and funds, or to help rehome or foster out an animal. Pet Project is a collaboration between the Majorca Daily Bulletin, the PR firm Phoenix Media, the animal refuges, and some of the island’s best professional and amateur photographers. If you can help then get in touch at