Rusty, Tro and the cutest puppy ever.

by petprojectmallorca


Rusty  by Shane Green

by Shane Green

These beauties are all currently guests of the Amics dels Animals refuge in Esporles. The shelter was formed by a group of volunteers in 2005, working with co-operation from the Town Council at Esporles to care for abandoned animals and to prevent healthy animals being needlessly euthanised. The daily work of caring for the dogs is all done by volunteers and there is always room for more people to get involved. The canine guests are an absolute pleasure to meet and if you have just a few hours to spare each week, you will find it incredibly rewarding to spend it the company of some of the most lovable and loving friends you could hope to meet. You can find out more here If you want to make contact then call Karin on 647578551 as she speaks English. The refuge is at the rear of the Punt Verd recycling centre at the entrance to Esporles when coming from direction of Palma. Opening times are: Monday to Friday, 10 – 12.30pm and 5 -7pm and Saturdays 10.30 – 1.30pm.

Our thanks again to Shane Green who has taken some beautiful photos of these noble hounds! Shane has offered to do doggy portrait sessions in aid of animal shelters around the island, so if you are interested please get in touch with him at

Rusty is a gorgeous Podenco Ibicenco ( Ibizan Hound), rescued from the village of Es Cubells in

Podenco Rusty by SHane Green

Podenco Rusty
by SHane Green

Ibiza. He was born there around January 2012 and lived with a pack of the same breed of which only a few survived. He was one of the youngest of the group and was bought to the shelter at Esporles when he was just a small puppy. He’s a happy dog, curious but very shy and still has to meet the world outside of the kennel and enjoy real family life. He’s an elegant, smooth haired boy and has the large upright ears that are a signature of the breed.

Tro by Shane Green

by Shane Green

Tro is a basset hound mix, who was left at the shelter together with his brother, after his previous owners separated. He is a happy bundle of energy and about a year old. He’s very docile and easy going. The people at the shelter think he will adapt easily to a new family life. He also has a brother who is looking for a new home.

The puppy is from a litter of 6 that came to the shelter with their mother after being abandoned by a hunter that had no use for them. They are all absolutely beautiful! There are four male and

Puppy by Shane Green

by Shane Green

two female puppies. They are almost two months old now and will be ready to be leave their mother and be adopted in around six weeks, after they have had all their vaccinations. Their mum is a Podenca and very good natured. The father is unknown but given the size of the puppies now they are not expected to grow too big. If you visit them you will definitely fall in love…

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