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Every week we aim to re home an animal currently being cared for by an animal refuge on the island. The project is supported by professional photographers from around the island, the PR firm Phoenix Media, and The Majorca Daily Bulletin.

Month: August, 2013

Pussycats and Open Days

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This week we have two beautiful cats from Mininas, the cat rescue organisation in Palma, and a fantastic opportunity to meet the good people of Dogs For U. Thanks to Cati Salva and Shane Green for their beautiful photos.
Narnia, photo by Cati SalvaKinder is around 2 years old. She was rescued in the cemetery area in Palma where she had been abandoned heavily pregnant. She had 5 little cuties and raised them like a super mom, all chunky and playful. All of the kittens have gone to loving homes, but nobody has taken any interest in Kinder so far. She is affectionate, sweet and loving. She purrs a lot and loves to have people around.

Kinder, photo by Cati SalvaNarnia is one of the unluckiest cats that Mininas have found so far. She was a street cat, but sweet and tame. She had a litter that someone threw in the trash bin, but she was not neutered at all. Then she somehow got hurt in her right eye and lost it. When they spotted her she was in very bad shape, the eye closed, the fur gone in certain spots. She turned out to be allergic to flea bites. The surgery was performed to take out the bad eye and close the socket to avoid further infections, and on the surgery table she was found to be suffering from mastitis. She had to have additional surgery in her breasts and had a long, painful recovery. While all of this happened, she was miserable. She had to wear a collar so that she didn’t lick the stitches and was not happy about this at all. She didn’t know how to move with the collar, she felt trapped. She was however very affectionate, purring from the moment she saw you, but she didn’t move out of fear. Those times are long gone. She is now free from the collar and has been gradually relaxing at her foster home. She is shy when she first meets a new person, but once she gets used to her surroundings she plays and moves around like any other cat would. She is a quiet cat and would work best in a quiet home – preferably with little other feline company. She is okay with another cat or two, but multitudes are not to her liking. Because she is shy, she needs a sweet, loving, soft person by her side that would have the patience to let her move and socialize at her own pace.

You can enquire about either cats by emailing

Sandy, photo by Shane GreenSANDY, is a beautiful GSD-mix, young adult, soft and fluffy, full of beans and utterly adorable.  Sandy would benefit most with an active family, who thrive on walking and getting exercise and devoting time to playing with and training a new family dog.  You can meet Sandy on Sunday at the Dogs For U Open Day waiting to put dusty paws all over clean clothes!  The open day will be on Sunday 1 Sept from  4pm to 8 pm. There is a map available at There will be dog agility demonstrations by PerrosYMas (Hundeschule auf Mallorca), cakes, drinks, tombola, clothes, bric-a-brac and a chance to meet the dogs and the DFU volunteers. You can get more information from 971 14 23 11.

Every week the PR firm Phoenix Media aims to help an animal rescue organisation and re-home an animal with the collaboration of the island’s best amateur and professional photographers and the Majorca Daily Bulletin. 




Urgent Appeal – Centro Canino

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This week’s Pet Project is an urgent appeal. The good people at the Centro Canino are facing another crisis. They have to find temporary foster homes (or better still, permanent, but if you can help out for a short period of time then please do) for at least fifteen of their dogs by this coming Monday 26th August! They have a dispute over the amount of dogs they are allowed to keep at the centre and everyone (lawyers and politicians) who can help them are away for their summer holidays!

If you can help with a temporary safe house for one of their pooches whilst they straighten things out with the powers that be in Palma then they would be very happy to hear from you! You can see more information about the centre at their website The centre is in Es Pil Lari just outside of Palma and they are open from 10am until 2pm Monday to Saturday. Here are a couple of their dogs, but they have many more that need help. You can also call Maria on 68950052 and 971261149

LurLur is a very sweet little female dog. She’s just a year old and is not yet spayed. She was very nervous about people when she first came to live at the Centre but now she is recovering well and is very affectionate. She also gets on very well with cats.

Lolo is a very friendly fella, who loves to be with people. LoloHe has been in and out of the rescue centre over the course of his life, not because he has behavioural problems but because his adoptive families have broken up. He is neutered and gets on very well with cats.

, is a small, quiet, kind and elderly female. She was found abandoned on a beach.


Photos courtesy of Centro Canino

Negrita is a 2 year old Ca de Bestia. He was found tied to farm door. He is described as “Super noble and shy”. Yago and Lenny are both male, mixes of medium size, and about a year old. Micke is a three year old small male. He became a resident of the Centre after being thrown over the fence. He is very sociable and loving. Gipsy, is almost two years old, and has been living at the centre for about three months after having been found on the street, he is described as a good companion.  Lucas, is a small dog, he was left at the centre when his owner died and no one wanted to take care of him.

Every week the PR firm Phoenix Media, in collaboration with the island’s best photographers and the Majorca Daily Bulletin, aim to help a rescue centre or rehome an animal. To find out more please visit


Lola and Wilma

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This week we’re all about the German Shepherds! Dogs For U, which is based in Inca, are primarily a German Shepherd rescue centre. They provide care, veterinary treatment and bundles of love for previously un-loved, unwanted, lost or abandoned large breeds of all ages, such as our featured dogs this week: senior Wilma and youngster Lola – both of them German Shepherds.

Dog B-5545

Lola was born in Oct 2012, she´s fit and healthy, vaccinated, and spayed. She was initially a pet shop purchase, a gift for someone!  But it wasn´t long before Lola outgrew her fluffy puppiness and turned into an elegant seven month old German Shepherd: all pointy ears, big body and boundless energy. She became ignored and unwanted and subsequently troublesome and they gave her up. She is a young dog needing plenty of energy and guidance to turn her into the best dog she can be.  She´s a gorgeous dog, a beautiful example of a German Shepherd, and ready for a new home with people who understand her breed and needs.


wilma-5586Wilma is in need of either a foster or a permanent home.  She is eight years old but sometimes seems physically older.  She was used for commercial breeding: the life of constant birthing litters took a toll and today she moves around a little slower than the others in the pack, her legs aching a little with the movement.  She is now waiting for surgery to remove mammary tumours (a recognised problem for un-spayed female dogs) but it´s far too hot at the moment and the DFU vet has advised that they wait for a while.  Wilma will thrive in a loving home environment, with a bed in a cool place to rest in, where she can turn her eyes to her new owner or foster carer or follow them around devotedly.  Wilma is a great dog, deserving of some love, care and attention in her senior years.

For any adoption enquiries please contact the founder of DFU Cornelia Kudszus by email or call her on 637 242 228.

wilma-5579 Dog B-5565 Dog B-5554 Dog B-5546 Dog B-5542 Dog B-5539









Photos by Shane Green Photography

Every week Pet Project in collaboration with the PR firm Phoenix Media and The Majorca Daily Bulletin, tries to help the island´s animal rescue shelters and their volunteers to rehome an animal. You can find out more at  Thanks to Shane Green for his photographs of these two good looking dogs, you can see more about Shane at


Pet Projects!

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small stickerPet Project this week is covering another “Pet Project”. The project is the brainchild of Christina Kastin who set up She has been negotiating tirelessly with Majorca’s councils in order to make the island more accessible to people who want to take their pets with them. In particular she has been working on getting approval to allow dogs onto beaches in the wintertime, setting up parks for dogs where they can run freely, letting visitors and residents alike know about which services there are in each area around the island. If you have a “Pet Friendly” premises then you can request a “Si!” sticker to put in your window which shows that you allow dogs in your business. Just contact Christina through her website. She has also made a six page brochure in collaboration with four of Majorca’s municipalities and a hotel in Arenal (representing Palma) and supported by ATB (The Balearic Tourist Board). The brochures, which are in four languages in total are to “plant a seed” in the minds of potential holiday makers that Majorca is also a great winter time destination and to suggest that they bring their dogs on holiday with them! They have printed 70,000 copies of this leaflet so look out for them around and about.

1090952_335298043270984_562695727_oDogs For U are holding a fundraising event on Saturday 18th August which will have an Arabian Nights theme to it. It is a chance to enjoy a seductive Middle Eastern evening with good food and drinks in a beautiful Campanet countryside finca. Tickets are 15€ per person and includes drinks, mouthwatering Middle Eastern and North African dishes, a hint of mystery and exotic aromas. The moves and romance of belly dancers and a chance to dress up in fancy dress if you like! All of the profits going to Dogs For U. You can make a booking by emailing They are also holding an auction (which has some amazing lots).  You can see all of the lots on this link here: and you can bid online, you don’t even have to be in Majorca to bid. Just up to July of this year Dogs For U have rehomed more than thirty dogs, some of which have been due to the support of the Majorca Daily Bulletin and Pet Project (which makes us all very happy!). We hope that you will be able to support the event by either attending or perhaps donating an auction lot.

Rusty, Tro and the cutest puppy ever.

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Rusty  by Shane Green

by Shane Green

These beauties are all currently guests of the Amics dels Animals refuge in Esporles. The shelter was formed by a group of volunteers in 2005, working with co-operation from the Town Council at Esporles to care for abandoned animals and to prevent healthy animals being needlessly euthanised. The daily work of caring for the dogs is all done by volunteers and there is always room for more people to get involved. The canine guests are an absolute pleasure to meet and if you have just a few hours to spare each week, you will find it incredibly rewarding to spend it the company of some of the most lovable and loving friends you could hope to meet. You can find out more here If you want to make contact then call Karin on 647578551 as she speaks English. The refuge is at the rear of the Punt Verd recycling centre at the entrance to Esporles when coming from direction of Palma. Opening times are: Monday to Friday, 10 – 12.30pm and 5 -7pm and Saturdays 10.30 – 1.30pm.

Our thanks again to Shane Green who has taken some beautiful photos of these noble hounds! Shane has offered to do doggy portrait sessions in aid of animal shelters around the island, so if you are interested please get in touch with him at

Rusty is a gorgeous Podenco Ibicenco ( Ibizan Hound), rescued from the village of Es Cubells in

Podenco Rusty by SHane Green

Podenco Rusty
by SHane Green

Ibiza. He was born there around January 2012 and lived with a pack of the same breed of which only a few survived. He was one of the youngest of the group and was bought to the shelter at Esporles when he was just a small puppy. He’s a happy dog, curious but very shy and still has to meet the world outside of the kennel and enjoy real family life. He’s an elegant, smooth haired boy and has the large upright ears that are a signature of the breed.

Tro by Shane Green

by Shane Green

Tro is a basset hound mix, who was left at the shelter together with his brother, after his previous owners separated. He is a happy bundle of energy and about a year old. He’s very docile and easy going. The people at the shelter think he will adapt easily to a new family life. He also has a brother who is looking for a new home.

The puppy is from a litter of 6 that came to the shelter with their mother after being abandoned by a hunter that had no use for them. They are all absolutely beautiful! There are four male and

Puppy by Shane Green

by Shane Green

two female puppies. They are almost two months old now and will be ready to be leave their mother and be adopted in around six weeks, after they have had all their vaccinations. Their mum is a Podenca and very good natured. The father is unknown but given the size of the puppies now they are not expected to grow too big. If you visit them you will definitely fall in love…

Every week, with the collaboration of the island’s photographers and animal refuges, Pet Project aims to help animals which need to be rehomed. You can get in touch with us at