Help is at Hand

by petprojectmallorca

Can you help with the kittens?

Can you help with the kittens?

Danny, Philip and Covi with kittens.

Danny, Philip, Covi and kittens.

Last week the Pet Project volunteers went along to the animal refuge in Palma SPAP and took with them some new friends. Danny and Philip (pictured) from Home and Yacht Finest Bed Linen. “Volunteering and donating is such an important part of rescuing abandoned animals and everyone should do what they can to help. I love animals, and if I could I would take all of these cats home with me as well”, said Philip. But like many of us with jobs and busy lives it is impossible to dedicate much time so Danny and Philip came up with a clever scheme to help in their own way. “We run a linen business, we supply linens to all kinds of businesses, including hotels, and very posh yachts! Donating to SPAPWhen we go onboard a yacht they don’t want to keep the linens that they are replacing, and they can’t store them, so they just throw them out. So what we do is we take the linens, towels, whatever it is, and we donate them to the Allen Graham Charity and now as well to SPAP. Either the linens can be used by the organisations or they can sell them in their charity shops. It’s up to them”. Whilst we were at the refuge Danny and Philip must have said “hello” to, and rubbed the ears of, every single cat there. Secretly the PP team think that D and P may have to go back and adopt one, or two, or three! SPAP will be holding an open day and party on May 11th, and they also have a “Rastrillo” (Flea Market) every week on a Saturday morning where you might find some rather good quality linens, bed covers and towels for sale. You never know. You can visit SPAP Mallorca by calling 971 47 00 60 or emailing You can find out more about them by visiting
untitled-5997Meanwhile, the new born kitten population continues to grow. If you feel that you could hand rear a kitten or two, then please, please get in touch. It is a time consuming but not difficult process. You need to be able to feed the kitten every two to three hours in the first weeks of its life, so it is a little tiring, but without more volunteers there are many kittens which don’t stand much of a chance.
If you see kittens inside a box next to a rubbish bin it’s clear that they have been abandoned. It is not so clear if you find them somewhere odd (a plant pot, or in the middle of the street). In this case I advise people to do this: 1) Don’t ever touch them. It could happen that the mum is moving them from one place to another and if they catch your scent some mother cats will reject their babies. 2) Watch from a distance. Stay around somewhere where you can see the kittens but are not scaring the mum in case she comes back for her kittens. 3) If you don’t see any adult cat around in about 30 minutes to an hour (depending on how busy the area is) then yes, you may go ahead and take them because the mum is most likely not coming back for them. Something might have happened or not, but a baby cat can’t stay for long without the warmth of its mother.Danny and his new friend
If you take the kittens home you have to keep them separate from your other cats if you happen to have any. This is extremely important. Even if they seem healthy they could have a stomach bug or some other ailments and you need to protect both your own animals and the babies. Then please get in touch with your local animal shelter, you can find a list of them on the site.
Every week Pet Project tries to help or re-home a homeless animal in Majorca. Pet Project is supported by the Majorca Daily Bulletin, the PR business Phoenix Media Mallorca and several professional and amateur photographers around the island.