Golly and the Hedgehogs

by petprojectmallorca








This week we have some very unusual animals to find homes for: Golly, the Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig, and three African Pygmy Hedgehogs. The animals are free but they absolutely must go to a good home.

Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs are much smaller than the average European farm pig, and most reach the size of an adult medium sized dog. You have to be extremely careful not to overfeed them with bad carbohydrates and sugary treats but instead feed them vegetables and fruits.

untitled-5066Golly is a three year old female pig, she has never had a litter, and she is looking for a reliable and permanent home where she may also have a mate. Golly needs enough room for a pen and a ready supply of water in the summer in which
to bathe.

When the PP volunteers went along to meet her they were very touched by her friendliness.

The hedgehogs also need good homes. There are two females and one male, including an albino. Having a hedgehog is similar to owning a guinea pig, they need the same sort of space and handling. Hedgehogs are nocturnal, and during the day they like to burrow underneath a cover in order to sleep. They are not expensive animals to feed. The lifespan for a hedgehog can be up to ten years in captivity. Their spikes are not sharp, but they are definitely not furry either!


All of these animals have been raised since they were very small by Liz, a dedicated animal lover who lives in the Calvia area. Liz currently has over a dozen different breeds of animals including goats, sheep, kittens, and several types of birds, many of whom need homes as well.


Liz suggests that anyone interested to adopt either Golly or the hedgehogs should come to see them first and then do some research on their breed, make a decision about whether they think they can give them a good permanent home, and then prepare the area where they will keep them. Liz is very happy to offer her own insights and knowledge if anyone is looking for advice. You can contact her by calling 971 235 664.