Shadow, the dog that was shot.

by petprojectmallorca

Emms Run 17 Mar 2013

Emms Run 17 Mar 2013

Shadow is a young male German Shepherd/Husky mix (although the volunteers at Dogs 4 You who are caring for him think there may be a bit of teddy bear thrown in there as well). They estimate that he is around 2 years old. Shadow was found as a stray and ended up in a dog pound where the Dogs 4 You supporters found him earlier this month. He has been he was aptly named Shadow as he´s always on the heels of Cornelia, shadowing her every move.

He´s a handsome, strong, thick-coated bear of a dog, with an especially appealing and friendly face, and his character is equally as warm. Taking him out for the first time into the big city last Sunday to watch the Palma Half Marathon, Shadow excelled himself, being quiet and calm, yet interested and friendly towards anyone who wanted to pat him – child or adult. He was a star! Well done to Emm Millar for completing the run and raising funds for Dogs 4 You.  

The Dogs 4 You carers have discovered that his background, although unknown, does hold a horror story. Sometime in his short life he has been shot. When Shadow was taken to the vet for neutering this week, their vet discovered pellets from a shot gun
13 lodged in his rear end; they´ll never know how painful and frightening this must have been for him but Shadow hasn´t let it affect his feelings toward people: he´s still a friendly, calm dog.

Shadow is looking for a home to call his own, with people who will understand that he needs pats and kind words, deserves home comforts, and needs patience, exercise and training to turn him into the pet they want him to be. If you can offer this lovely dog a home then please get in touch with Cornelia at or call 971 503832.

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Photo credit: Sheridan Connisbee

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