Beautiful Blue-eyed Asmaar

by petprojectmallorca


With the support of the Majorca Daily Bulletin, the refuges and the general public and with our increasing success of homing animals Pet Project is beginning to gain momentum. This week we welcome a guest writer, Llúcia Benito and photographer Cati Salva to tell Asmaar’s story.

Asmaar is a loving, kind and grateful cat, white like snow, with beautiful blue eyes. He is deaf, but this is not a problem for him, he’s just like any other cat.

Asmaar was found by Jessica Cusinier in Manacor inside a shoebox about to die, when he was less than a month old. At that time, Jessica was working at a veterinary clinic in Montuïri and she took him to the vet to try to save him. They fed him with a syringe, kept him in an incubator and held him for hours every day to keep him warm, and gave this little guy lots of affection and love. Every day was a new challenge for Asmaar.

The vets and Jessica, knowing how he was found, so small and without a mother, did not have much hope of him surviving. To everyone’s surprise, he managed to get to two months of age, and Jessica could finally take him home and adopt him. She had a dog, so Asmaar grew up with dogs.

A few years later Jessica moved to Palma and took Asmaar and Minkie (Asmaar’s best buddy) along. Because of job issues, Jessica had to move to Catalonia and left the cats in the apartment they rented to students. We can say that thanks to this fact, Asmaar has met many people: he is sociable and likes to be around people. It was in this apartment that I, Llúcia met Asmaar six years ago, because I am friends with Jessica. But it wasn’t until late 2012, by a twist of fate, that I ended up living in this apartment. So I have personal experience of living with Asmaar, he is a lovely cat.

But now the lease contract is about to end and this student accommodation will be closed down and so Asmaar needs a new home. He is currently being fostered but he really needs a permanent home. The woman who takes care of Asmaar cannot keep him for much longer. She starts working soon and has to travel a lot, and Asmaar needs a special person to adopt him.

Asmaar needs a person who can feed him small amounts of food three or four times throughout the day rather than bigger less frequent meals. So logistically his new home must be able to do this. Asmaar is quite territorial and therefore needs a home with easy going cats or no other cats at all. If you are looking for a new loving, calm and quiet companion, Asmaar is waiting for a second chance. You can contact me, Llúcia Benito either by email at or by phone at 626083558.

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