Luisa and Bobby

by VM

Luisa and Bobby 2-5520This week we are returning to The Magnificent Seven who we featured before Christmas. They are seven different dogs varying in breeds, sizes and ages were rescued by Luisa Powell (pictured with one of the dogs she rescued, Bobby) and her friend Toni. These seven very lucky pooches were saved from being destroyed by their kind hearted actions. Luisa saw that one of her friends who regularly helps to rehome animals was struggling under the weight of too many things to do and not enough time, or people to do them. So she stepped in to help out. “Nerea was trying to raise money to rescue two dogs, but she had five dogs on her list that were going to be put to sleep if they weren´t taken out of Natura Parc (an government funded animal pound which has recently been in the papers regarding its care practices). It was really urgent as she knew that one of the dogs, the old lady Nina, was going to be put down the next day”.

“I asked her what was needed. She said she needed funds to get them out of Natura Parc and then somewhere to put them. She had asked around but it was getting really urgent, so I decided to get involved. We both made phone calls to rescue centres but there was nowhere they could go if rescued. She then got in touch with a friend of hers and finally someone was able to help, her friend has a home with several dogs of her own and a few dogs she rescued and was seeking forever homes for, so she said that if we could get together the funds to pay for their food and anything they needed that the dogs could stay at her house. So we put out an appeal to our friends and donations started to come through from Elaine, Annalisa, Bianca, Gina, Angela, Ashleigh, Glenys, and Sheridan just to name but a few of the nice, caring, animal lovers that helped. Then Pirates Village Pets Project provided us with further funds in order to keep the dogs safe and fed for the month of December. So we rescued all of these animals!”

Now we are into January and the dogs have all been chipped, wormed and castrated and are in urgent need to be homed or fostered until they are found permanent homes. Luisa is planning to hold a fundraising party with a Sixties “Peace and Love” theme on February 23rd to help to pay for some of the medical bills for the animals (one of the dogs has been diagnosed with Leishamanosis and needs an eye operation, the others are fit and well) Luisa is hoping that a lot of people will come to support the event and she is also looking for donations for a raffle. You can see more information about the dogs that Luisa rescued by visiting All of the animals need a home or if you can´t help to home them please consider making a donation of food. You can contact Luisa on 696 429 499.